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The college is accredited with A Grade by NAAC
Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Jerusalem college of Engineering is committed to the development of top class technical manpower which can help the Indian Industry in attaining excellence and also earning a reputation of being a dependable source of technical knowledge and expertise abroad. The department of Computer Science and Engineering will see that the students from the department are adepts in adapting themselves to ever changing concepts and innovations with the belief that technology makes it possible to gain control over every realm of human life today.

Vision of the Department

The Department of computer science and engineering is dedicated to be a center of excellence,in producing graduates as ethical engineers,innovative researchers,dynamic entrepreneurs and globally competitive technocrats.
Mission of the Department

  • To craft students to be competent professionals with value based education, innovative teaching and practices.
  • To enhance student’s soft skill, personality and ethical responsibilities by augmenting in-plant training, value added courses and co curricular activities.
  • To facilitate the student as researchers by widening their professional knowledge through continuous learning and innovative projects.
  • To produce dynamic entrepreneur through interaction with network of alumni industry and academia and extracurricular activities.

H.O.D'S Desk (Dr.G.Geetha)

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is an integral part of Jerusalem College of Engineering that aims at bringing out the technical and inherent talents of the young and budding Engineers.The Department was established in the academic year 1995 - 1996 which proffers a four year B.E degree program with an intake of 120 students. With a vision to create the engineers as technical intellects, the department offers Post Graduation (M.E) studies in Computer Science and Engineering from the year 2003 with an intake of 25 students. The department is also recognized as a Nodel Research Centre by Anna University in the year 2013.

Since computer science is based on the fundamentals of mathematics, computer science students develop critical reasoning and complex problem solving abilities that will help them in all walks of life. Computer science and engineering has revolutionized a world that was there only a moment ago, continues to have unparalleled impact in today's world, and has a steadily increasing scope that is shaping tomorrow's world.

NameDesignationView Profile
Dr. C.R.Rene RobinProfessor & Joint DirectorView Profile
Dr. G.GeethaProfessor & HeadView Profile
Dr.R.I.MinuAssociate ProfessorView Profile
Mrs. B.JaishanthiAssociate ProfessorView Profile
Mr.S.SadagopanAssociate ProfessorView Profile
Mrs. N.PriyaAsst. Professor IIIView Profile
Mrs.R.VanithaAsst. Professor IIIView Profile
Ms.H.MERCYAsst. Professor IIIView Profile
Mrs.Priya PackialathaAsst. Professor IIView Profile
Ms.Maya EapenAsst. Professor IIView Profile
Mrs.P.MahalakshmiAsst. Professor IIView Profile
Mrs.N.RajiAsst. Professor IIView Profile
Mr.M.V.Ranjith KumarAsst. Professor IIView Profile
Mrs.K.Anita DavamaniAsst. Professor IView Profile
Mrs.S.K.LavanyaAsst. Professor IView Profile
Mrs.P.IndumathyAsst. Professor IView Profile
Ms.M.Vanitha ShebaAsst. Professor IView Profile
Ms.T.SaranyaAsst. Professor IView Profile
Mr.Usama Abdur RahmanAsst. Professor IView Profile
Mrs.R.PrabavathiAsst. Professor IView Profile
Mrs.J.Shiny DuelaAsst. Professor IView Profile
Mrs. S.RajashreeAsst. Professor IView Profile
Mr. S.KannanAsst. Professor IView Profile
Mrs.S.DevipriyaAsst. Professor IView Profile
Ms.RUBY ARYAAsst. Professor IView Profile
K.PriyadharshiniAsst. Professor IView Profile
J.VenkateshAsst. Professor IView Profile
A.JEBA CHRISTYAsst. Professor IView Profile
K.GEETHAAsst. Professor IView Profile


    The Department uses a well-equipped and hi-tech laboratory that permits each student to work on an individual computer.The lab has got Hi-end systems, printers and licenses for all the soft wares that are used.They include the following laboratories.

  • RDBMS laboratory
  • Programming laboratory
  • Software Engineering laboratory
  • Digital laboratory
  • Case Tools laboratory
  • Object Oriented Programming Laboratory
  • Data Structures Laboratory
  • System Programming Laboratory
  • Operating Systems Laboratory
  • Visual Programming Laboratory
  • Graphics and Multimedia Laboratory
  • Networking Laboratory
  • Class Rooms

    The classrooms are equipped with multimedia, LCD projectors and audio-visual equipment to facilitate effective learning.They are designed to promote maximum interaction between the faculty and students.

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Department Achievements

Achievements 2015-2016 view details.

  • Anna University, Chennai recognized Department of Computer Science and Engineering as Research Nodal Centre for research scholar to do Ph.D and M.S (Research) from Jan 2013.
  • Signing of MOU with Griffin Info Systems private LTD to provide technological services and solutions on 18/1/2013.
  • Jerusalem Research Forum (JRF) was inaugurated by Dr.T.V.Geetha, Chairman, Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering, Anna University Chenai 25, on 15/07/2012.
  • MOU was signed with IEEE – CS, USA by Purna Solutions on 27-09-2012 to provide an exposure to the students and acquire the various certifications.

Faculty Achievements

  • Mr.S.sadagopan was awarded “Best Teacher Award” by Jerusalem College of Engineering-2016
  • Dr.G.Geetha received ”Best Teacher Award” by Jerusalem College of Engineering-2014.
  • Dr.C.R.Rene Robin received ”Best Teacher Award” by Jerusalem College of Engineering-2013.
  • Dr.C.R.Rene Robin received “Teaching Excellence Award” by Indus Foundation during Indo-Global Education Summit 2013.
  • Mrs.B.Jaishanthi was honoured for her extended valuable service in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering-2013.
  • Dr.C.R.Rene Robin received “Young Professional Award” by Computer Society of India for the Region VII.-2012.

Faculty awarded Doctoral Degree:

  • Dr. G. Geetha, senior Assistant Professor, received her doctoral degree from Anna University, Chennai on 23.05.2013.

List of University Rank holders

U.G Programme:

Priyanka secured 36th rank

P.G Programme:

Sabarina K secured 36th rank
Saranya B secured 38th rank
Saranya R S secured 46th rank

Students Achievements

  • R.Gunam of IV CSE and Subil of II CSE has got through GRE Exam
  • Sri Kirthika of III Year CSE B has secured the first place in the event “Google It” in the National Level Technical Symposium Agnito 2015 at Agni College of Technology, Chennai
  • Krishna Prasanth of III Year CSE A has secured the first place in the event “C Coding Contest” and third place in the event “Web Page Designing” during National Level Technical Symposium TantraMza’2K15 at Sakthi Engineering College
  • Krishna Prasanth of III Year CSE A has secured the third place in the event “Code Avalanche” at Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai on 17th March,2015
  • Krishna Prashanth and Gunam of II year CSE A won the first prize in the Kod Prekland (Code Translation) contest organized by CSI-Student Chapter of JCE,Chennai on 18th October,2013.
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