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First year

H.O.D'S Desk

The Department of the First year B.E/ B.Tech programme plays a very prominent and crucial role in any Engineering College. Hence, this Department offers the students the basic sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, and Technical English to enhance their implications in the Engineering applications and present state of affairs.

Dr. P. Anuradha, Professor, Department of Mathematics is the Head and Coordinator of the Department of Mathematics & English. This Department comprises the Mathematics and English faculty members.

Prof. Chitra Ramachandran, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Heads and Coordinates the department of Physics and Chemistry. This Department comprises the Physics & Chemistry faculty members.

    Objectives of the Department:

  • To provide a strong foundation in basic sciences and communication skills for the students.
  • To provide a caring and nurturing environment.
  • To enhance the moral, intellectual, emotional, physical and aesthetic development of their personality.

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Dr.P.ANURADHAProfessor and HeadView Profile
Prof. CHITRA RAMACHANDRANProfessorView Profile
DR.R.VAIDYANATHANAssociate ProfessorView Profile
MR.R.JAYAPRAKASHAsst. Professor IView Profile
MS.C.U.AJISHAAsst. Professor IView Profile
Mr.V.SUDHAKARSr. Asst. ProfessorView Profile
MS.R.SHEEBAAsst. Professor IView Profile
MS.V.M.SALIAsst. Professor IView Profile
MS.A.THILAKAVATHYAsst. Professor IView Profile
MS.V.MALARVIZHIAsst. Professor IView Profile
MS.B.PRIYAAsst. Professor IView Profile
Mr.L.N.NARAYANANAsst. Professor IView Profile
Ms. BEULA SHANTHI JOHNAssociate ProfessorView Profile
Mr. K. SUBRAMANIYANAsst. Professor IIView Profile
Ms. G.K.PRIYA MERLINEAsst. Professor IIView Profile
Mr. P. ILAYARAJAAsst. Professor IView Profile
Ms.D.J.B.ESTHER RAJATHIAsst. Professor IView Profile
Ms.M.GEETHAAsst. Professor IView Profile
Ms.M.VEDAVALLIAsst. Professor IView Profile
Ms.H.E.SUNEERA GLADSONAsst. Professor IView Profile
Ms.M.BHARATHIAsst. Professor IView Profile
Mr.M.ASHOK KUMARAsst. Professor IView Profile
Mr.S.GANESHAsst. Professor IView Profile

About the department

    The Science and Humanities Department comprises a team of dedicated, qualified and experienced teachers. 25% of the faculty are Ph.D holders and 50% of them are pursuing Ph.D programme at various universities. 50% of the faculty are having more than 10 years of teaching experience and others have more than 5 years of experience. Faculty regularly attend Faculty Development Programme conducted by Anna University and Indian Institute of Technology -Madras to upgrade their knowledge. Majority of the teachers are actively involved in research activities and in publishing research papers at National, International conferences and in Journals Dr. P. Anuradha, Professor, Department of Mathematics was sponsored by the college to present a research paper at an International Conference held in U.S.A in the year 2007.


    The English division services the Engineering departments for communication skills laboratory for the Third year students. It uses software prescribed by the Anna University and trains the students in Oral Presentation, Group Discussions and Soft skills. In this connection, a well equipped lab with 29 systems with one server has been installed in the Lakshmi Ammal block of the college. 30 students are accommodated for each lab session. An Instructor helps the faculty to conduct the lab session. The students take up semester lab examination at the end of the semester.


    It is located in the second floor of the Lakshmi Ammal block. The lab is well ventilated and creates a congenial atmosphere for students to do the experiments. Students are trained to handle the instruments such as Spectrometer, C.R.O with B.H. curve tracer, travelling microscope, Laser Right Source Potentiometer, Ultrasonic Interferometer instruments. A lab instructor helps the students.


    The laboratory has all equipments, apparatus and chemicals as prescribed by the Anna University and two lab assistants maintain the lab and prepare solutions for the students to perform the experiments. The students are well trained to face the Anna University Practical Examinations.


    Workshops come under the control of the Mechanical Engineering division. The following are the facilities available in the workshops.
  • Lathe Machines.
  • Welding machines.
  • Plumbing tools.
  • Carpentry tools.
  • Sheet metal tools.

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Curricular activities

In order to edify details on the Institution and academic activities of the students an induction function is organized for the freshers before the commencement of the semester. The rules and regulations of the college academic schedule for the first year students and the mode of student monitoring system placement activities and achievements of the college are informed by the Principal at the Inaugural Function. A Proctor Student Parent meeting is arranged on the first day of the college to introduce the proctors to the parents The college has signed an MOU with M/S Turning Point, a Professional Counseling Centre to counsel students in their emotional and personal issues. Class committees are constituted as per the norms of the Anna University and the first meeting is conducted during the first week of the semester. Briefing the students about the details of Assessment Tests the pattern of question paper the method of awarding Internal marks for theory and practical subjects and the importance of attendance is done during the first meeting. Parent Teachers meetings are arranged periodically to discuss academic and other general issues. The department provides an SMS facility through which the parents are kept informed of their ward's progress.

Co curricular activities

As per the norms of Anna Universit, the students of the first year B.E/B.Tech programmes are encouraged to become members of either NSS or YRC or NSO. The students are encouraged to participate in Paper Presentation, Symposia Workshops etc., through an active student chapter of ISTE. February 28th of every year is celebrated as National Science day during which various competitions are conducted for the I year B.E/B.Tech students. The English division has formed a literary association called HALCYON. Many competitions like oratorical poetry writing, slogan writing etc are conducted every year to inculcate creativity and spontaneity in the second language. The aim of the department is to bring out the latent potentialities of the faculty members hence it organizes in-house seminars for them. Recently, the faculty of English and Mathematics gave lectures on topics related to their field of study.

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