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For the overall development of a professional to be placed in the highest realms, they have to be physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually top in their field. This can be realized through intensive sporting programmes and excellent sporting facilities. The Jerusalem provides such an environment which facilitates optimal efficiency and effectiveness for the emerging dynamic engineers. We ensure best sporting facilities to groom the enormous potential lying hidden among the students. The college has attained quite a reputation in sports activities by winning several prestigious tournaments conducted in various levels.


Cricket (Men)

Runners - held at SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, between 15th September 2009 to 24th September 2009

Ball Badminton (Women)

Third Position - held at Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai, on 12th September 2009.

Kabaddi (Men)

Third Position - held at Dhanalakshmi Srinivasa College of Engineering, Chennai, on 14th September 2009

Ball Badminton (Men)

Fourth Position - held at Vel's College of Engineering, Chennai, on 18th August 2009

Badminton (Men)

Fourth Position - held at SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, on 22nd September 2009.

Excelsior '12 - Culturals

Excelsior is the annual inter-college culturals conducted by the culturals committee among various talented students to reveal their talents in fields like music,dance,art,speaking skills,debating etc.

Tamil Mandram

Tamil mandram is the tamil club which is managed by a group of talented students, who conduct regular poetry,debate and essay writing competitions in tamil , among various students

The English Literary Association "HALCYON"

The English Literary Association "HALCYON" was established on 27th Wednesday 2006. The term HALCYON is originated from the Greek Myth of Alcyone, meaning peace and prosperity. The patron of this association is Prof.M.Mala Madam, the Chief Executive Officer of the college. The Coordinator and the Secretary of the Association are Mrs.Lata Vasdevan and Mrs.Dr. S.C. Bamarani from the Department of English.The aim of this Association is to promote the drive and thirst among the technical students for the English Language and Literature which is a rare phenomenon in any Technical Institution. The Association has been very successful in rendering service to the students to inculcate the essence of Literature and Language by constantly conducting the activities like spell bee, elocution, easy writing, and slogan contest every year since its inception.
Results for Poster Making held on 12.02.13
Place Name Department
1 Jeya Infenda.S,Bharathi.S II ECE A
2 Poornima,Vaishnavi I CSE - B
3 Vishal,Revekha I EEE B, I BME
Consolidation Prizes
SN Name Department
1 Neelagandan,Sindhuja II CIVIL B
2 Kannagi,Indumathi I CSE A

National Service Scheme (NSS)

National Service Scheme popularly known as NSS was launched in the Mahatma Gandhi Centenary year 1969 and is aimed at developing student's personality through community service. NSS is a permanent youth programme under the ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt of India. It is funded by Govt of India and Govt of Tamilnadu in the ratio 5:7. The motto or watchword of NSS is "Not me but you". A student volunteer should continue in NSS for 2 consecutive academic years (1st and 2nd year). Under the NSS, two types of activities are conducted in an academic year,

  1. Regular Activities. To view 2013 - 2014 Report Click here.
  2. Special Camp (only in the 2nd year). To view 2013 - 2014 Report click here.
A student volunteer of NSS should undertake need based programmes for 120 hours per year, for 2 consecutive years through regular activities and should also compulsorily participate in the special residential camp of duration 7 days in an adopted village in the 2nd year. Our college has a sanction of one NSS unit with allotted strength of 100 volunteers, of which 50 volunteers are currently in the 2nd year B.E/B.Tech programmes and the remaining 50 volunteers are from the 1st year B.E/B.Tech programmes.

Duties of NSS volunteers

  • Establish rapport with people in project area.
  • Identify needs, problems and resources in the community.
  • Planning programmes and implementing them.
  • Relate learning experiences towards finding solutions to problems identified.
  • Record activities in work diary systematically and assess progress periodically.

Youth Red Cross(YRC)

Youth represent a substantial part of the membership of Red Cross for its humanitarian commitment. Young volunteers can make a significant contribution to meeting the needs of the most vulnerable people within their local communities through Red Cross youth programme. This has been designed to involve young people as much as possible in the movement and its activities not only as workers and also as beneficiaries, but as partners in management. The programme focuses on the following areas:
  • Promote life and health through training and education on safety, primary health care and healthy living
  • Encourage community service through training and education
  • Disseminate the seven fundamental principles of Red Cross and Red Crescent movement through activities that encourage the Red Cross ideals
  • Promote international friendship with activities that cultivate a humanitarian spirit
  • Technical support in the development of youth programmes, fund-raising, identification of material and human resources


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Staff Members

ANR cell coordinator: R.Jayaprakash(EXT.NO: 241)
Contact number : 9444895313
Toll free Anti Ragging helpline No.1800 180 552

S.No Name of the Member Cell Designation
1 Dr.M.Ramalingam-Principal CHAIRMAN
2 Dr.N.John Jebarathinam VICE-CHAIRMAN
4 Mr.N.Ravi MEMBER
5 Mr.S.Nagarajan MEMBER
6 Dr.S.Anne Ligoria MEMBER
7 Dr.C.R.Rene Robin MEMBER
8 Ms.Mary Kutty Cyriac MEMBER
9 Dr.P.Anuradha MEMBER
10 Mr.M.P.Natarajan MEMBER
11 Mr.P.Neelamegan MEMBER
12 Mr.D.Kangeyan MEMBER
13 Mr.R.Sivagnanam MEMBER
14 Mr.G.Premnath MEMBER
15 Ms.S.Kirthiga MEMBER
16 Mr.S.Vinod MEMBER
17 Mr.E.Sathish Kumar MEMBER
18 Mr.S.Vinothkumar MEMBER
19 Ms.V.Mythily MEMBER
20 Ms.S.Sumathi MEMBER
21 Mr.P.Iliyaraja MEMBER

Non-teaching Staff

S.No Name of the Member Cell Designation
22 Mr.P.Ashok kumar MEMBER
23 Mr.C.Gopinathan MEMBER
24 Mr.Inbakani Duraiswamy MEMBER
25 Mr.T.S.Ramana MEMBER

Student Members

S.No Name Class Section
1. Gowtham.SM I CIVIL AA
2. Chanthini.K I CIVIL AA
3. Jaya Priya Rajiv.P I CIVIL A A
4. Bragadeesh.G I CIVIL A A
5. Anand Raghav I CIVIL A A
6. K.V.Gokul Ram I CIVIL A A
7. Sabarinathan.P I CIVIL B B
8. Sakthivel.S I CIVIL B B
9. Muthu Praveen.R I CIVIL B B
10. Nagalingam.M I CIVIL B B
11. Deepti.P I EEE C
12. Swetha Krishnan I EEE C
13. Sundara Preetham.G I EEE C
14. Ravindran.K.S I EEE C
15. Hrishikesh sameer dalal I EEE C
16. Ritu Chopra I BME C
17. Niranjana.S I CSE A D
18. Aravind.S I CSE A D
19. Logeshwari.S I CSE A D
20. Asma parveen.A I CSE A D
21. Mohammad Faizal.M I CSE A D
22. Navin.H.T I CSE A D
23. Mathumitha.T I BME D
24. R.Meena I BME D
25. Pavithra.M I CSE B E

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