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Ms.J.Anslin M.E.,

Asst. Professor I

Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Jerusalem College of Engineering

Chennai - 100 , Tamil Nadu , INDIA.

Email :

Ph (O) : 9710672020

5 months
Areas of Interest
  • Industrial Instrumentation.
  • Robotics
Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/FDPs Attended and Organized
  • “Wireless based external Pipe Crawling Robot” in“International Conference on Recent Innovations and Engineering”.
  • “Health monitoring of industrial pipelines using external pipe crawling robot”in the National Conference “Recent advances in Science Engineering and Management “
  • “Wireless based external Pipe Crawling Robot” in the National conference on Emerging trends in Electronics, Instrumentation
  • Robotics workshop in Tech Innovates Embedded Solutions.
  • “A Review on the Blue Brain Project” in International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies (IJIMS), 2014, Vol 1, No.10, 23-26.
  • “Habitat Monitoring and Power Conservation using Thermopile Sensor” in International Journal of Science
  • “To be Truthful is to be Human “in an Magazine “Taj Mahal Review” which is Cyberwit’s International Journal devoted to arts, literature,poetry and culture Volume 14,Number 1,June 2015.
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