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Ms. Siva Jothi Kavitha M.E.

Asst. Professor I

Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Jerusalem College of Engineering

Chennai - 100 , Tamil Nadu , INDIA.

Email :

Ph (O) : -9791065498

5 years and 9 months
Areas of Interest
  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • BioMedical Instrumentation
  • Embedded Systems
  • PLC and DCS
  • Linear Integrated Systems and Application
  • Logic and Distributed Control System
Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/FDPs Attended and Organized
  • Attended a two days workshop on Embedded Systems using Raspberry Pi Boards(IOT)
  • Coordinated a two days Workshop on Trend setting in Arduino organised by JCE
  • Attended a FDP program on Embedded Systems at DMI College of Engineering
  • Attended a Three days workshop on Arduino at JCE
  • Attended the Seimens workshop on Seimens Education Day organised by Vi Micro systems
  • Paper” Vehicle Rear-End Collision Avoidance System using PCS
  • S.SivaJothi Kavitha,S.Senthil Kumar(2015),”A Wireless Gas leakage
  • Paper “Vehicle Collision Avoidance System using PCS Algorithm”, presented and published in National Conference on Intelligent Control systems and Automation Techniques, Computer Networking and Industrial Security,Sri Sairam Engineering College, Session I,pp:613-618, February 2013.
  • S.SivaJothi Kavitha,M.Bharathi(2015),”PCS based Vehicle Collision Avoidance and Communication system”, International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Volume .4,Issue 7,July 2015.
  • Paper "Vehicle Rear End Collision avoidance system using PCS
  • S.Sivajothi Kavitha,S.Senthil Kumar (2015),"A Wireless Gas leakage
  • Attended the Second international Conference ICETSET 2017 at JCE and presented two papers.
  • Attended the National Conference on Application of Bio-Inspired Computational Methods for Disease prediction and Management at VELS University
  • Attended a International Conference on Innovations and Research in Marine Electrical and Electronics Engineering ICIRMEEE 2017
  • Recieved Funds for projects from Institution of Engineers
  • Published the Paper titled "Three phase Asymmetric Cascaded Multilevel Inverter using Hybrid PWM Technique", in journal ofv Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control system ,November 2017
Current Responsibilities
  • Department Proctor Incharge,Newsletter Incharge,Class Committee Chairperson
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