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The Department of Information Technology proudly announces and congratulates the following students those who got placed in the following organizations.


S.No Name of the Student Placed Name of the Employer Placed Month
1 Aishwarya R Innoppl,TCS, Qspider Aug-19
2 Harish D CTS,Atos Syntel Oct-19
3 Jeeva K Sutherland,CTS Oct-19
4 Ramya C CTS Oct-19
5 Nithish Tharun A Sutherland,Atos Syntel,Tech Mahindra,Wipro Oct-19
6 Abhishek J M Atos Syntel Oct-19
7 Nithya S Atos Syntel Oct-19
8 Pooza B Atos Syntel Oct-19
9 Manian Siva R Infosys Nov-19
10 Rhenius Atos Syntel Nov-19
11 Gayathri K Atos Syntel Dec-19
12 Sangeetha S Atos Syntel, Qspider Dec-19
13 Subbulakshmi S Atos Syntel Dec-19
14 Vignesh G Sutherland,Atos Syntel Dec-19
15 Parthipan G Atos Syntel Jan-20
16 Lakshmi T Tech Mahindra,Wipro Jan-20
17 Raghul C Tech Mahindra Jan-20
18 Subramanian P Tech Mahindra Jan-20
19 Arputharaj R WiseTech Source Solutions,Tech Mahindra Jan-20
20 Dharanivel S WiseTech Source Solutions,Maitri Technologies,ADF Jan-20
21 Dinesh S WiseTech Source Solutions Jan-20
22 Stephen Dorairaj V P WiseTech Source Solutions Jan-20
23 Vignesh R WiseTech Source Solutions, Tech Mahindra Jan-20
24 Angelyn Pearl W eNoah February2020
25 Raghul A Qspider February2020
26 Vijayalakshmi B Qspider February2020
27 Manjula M Qspider February2020
28 Keerthana R Qspider February2020
29 Ramya S Qspider February2020
30 Manasa V Qspider February2020


S.No Name of the Student Placed Name of the Employer
1 Akshay Kumar.M. Infosys,SYNTEL
2 Prema Kousalya.S. Infosys
3 Mathubala.S. IBM
4 Aishwarya.R. IBM
5 Swetha.L. IBM
6 Bhanumathi.T. TCS
7 Sivasankari.N.V. TCS
8 Manju.R.P. TCS
9 Nivethraj TCS
10 Venkatesh TCS
11 Usha.P. Hexaware
12 Sruthi Natarajan Soprasteria
13 Nandhini.L. Syntel
14 Thivya Tharshini.M. Syntel
15 Arun kumar.B Syntel
16 Mahalakshmi.R Syntel, QSpider
17 Chandru.B. Devcare
18 Srinidhi Devcare
19 Nivedha.R.S Devcare
20 Suresh RaJ.B.K. Devcare
21 Lokesh.P Wipro
22 Godson Joshua.S Sutherland
23 Kesavan.S. Sutherland
24 Dhivya.K Sutherland
25 Santhosh kumar.S Sutherland
26 Bharathi.G CTS
27 Muthamilan.R CTS, QSpider
28 Priyanka.R CTS
29 Jaisurya.G QSpider
30 Anand Perumal.S QSpider
31 Sivasankari.T Qspider. Starquapp
32 Mohammed Asif.N. QSpider
33 Santhiya.V. QSpider
34 Durga.K QSpider
35 Harish kumar.G QSpider
36 Suresh RaJ.B.K. QSpider
37 Shanmukipriyadarshini.A. QSpider
38 Lakshmipriya.M Kaaviyan systems
39 Santhiya.V. Kaaviyan systems
40 Nivetha.R.S Kaaviyan systems, Starquapp
41 Durga.K Kaaviyan systems
42 Manadava Deepti CSS Corp



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