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Department of Civil Engineering


Our department is provisioned with updated laboratory equipments. Laboratories are provided for all the major subjects in the under graduate level to provide practical knowledge to the students.

Strength of material laboratory

The experimental work involved in this laboratory makes the student understand the fundamental modes of loading of the structures and also make measurements of loads, displacements and strains. Relating these quantities, the student obtains the strength of the material and stiffness properties of structural elements.

Soil mechanics laboratory

The student acquires the capacity to test the soil to assess its Engineering and Index properties

Hydraulics laboratory

The verification of the principles and theories in an experimental way is carried in this laboratory. It includes the study of pressure due to fluids, efficiency at outlet and working of Turbines.

Survey laboratory

At the end of the course the student possess knowledge about Survey Field Techniques. It includes determination of boundary, area, volume and location of points.

CADD laboratory

The students acquire the knowledge about designing and drafting of models of building with the aid of softwares. They are also helpful in determining the load acting on the beam and its corresponding deflection.

Environmental laboratory

The student is expected to be aware of the procedure for quantifying quality parameters for water and sewage.

Concrete & Highway laboratory

A concrete & highway laboratory to learn the principles and procedures for testing Concrete and Highway materials.