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Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Student's Corner


  • Neela Maadhuree of IV Year presented a paper on “Le Vision” in the international conference on “Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA 2018) & 10th
    World Congress on Nature and Biologically Inspired Computing (NaBIC)” at Vellore Institute of Technology during 6.12.2018 to 8.12.2018.
  • RaviVarma B of II Year presented a paper on “Hybrid Television and Augmented Reality” at IFET College of Engineering on 15.09.2018.
  • Prabha Kachi Kidambi, Ram Prakash S, Varshan B.R, Sundar B, Shanjana Mahalakshmi M, Srithikha S, Pooja S, Nalini R, Nandhini D, Pavithra K, Deepak kumar S, Mohana Prasath K, Vasanthi M, Swathi Sri G, Sharon Brighty and Uma Maheshwari of III Year participated 10 days workshop on Core Java between 4.06.2018 to 14.06.2018.
  • Srithika S, Aravindhan S, Prabha Kachi Kidambi and Shanjana Mahalakshmi of III Year participated “VR/AR” workshop at Arena Animation on 1.09.2018.
  • Nivedha S, Pavithra K, Nalini R, Karthika Pooja, Aarthy G,Dinesh S and Giridharan P of III Year Participated in live session on “Information Security” during June 2018.






Club Inauguration

The Computer Science Department of JCE has inaugurated  a series of clubs on 2.1.19 for enriching the students with extracurricular knowledge acquisition. The clubs included Code Club , Cyber Vault Club, Robotics Club, and MAD  club. Each club is associated with the club office bearers to look after the whereabouts of the club and the club members.  The students are elected as the office bearers so that they would develop the skill of leadership and organization . The ideas and implementation is to be taken care entirely by the students in the supervision and support of the staff.





Code Club

The coding is everywhere in every field where the computational systems are used hence the Code Club aims with the motive of achieving joy with coding. Since coding is base for many of the fields enriching skills in this field is going to be an asset to the students community. The Coding Club also has  scheduled a set of events to be conducted in due course  which includes

  • Escape out of Prison ,
  • Debugging and
  • Blind Coding.

The club has also launched their logo which is


Cyber Vault Club

The Cyber Vault Club is about the Cyber Security domain which aims at enriching knowledge in cyber security by demonstrating many concepts to students and  hence igniting for higher order learning. The cyber Vault club comes with the eye opening tag stating as vulnerabilities to be solved. Thus this club provides awareness and enables the students to keep their cyber data more secure.  The club has visioned the following activities to be conducted shortly namely

  • seminar on basic topics,
  • live demo sessions and
  • capture the flag.

The logo of the club is designed as follows


(CyberVault Club Event)

GRAIN Robotics club

The aim of the Robotics club is to support and foster interest towards developing robotics. In robotics we can see our own creation sprung to life which invokes the creativeness and interest among students. Robotics is a booming domain and a good research platform for innovative ideology. In the robotics club,  workshops on FireBird-V and Arduino are planned to be conducted shortly which also provides hands on experience with high end robotics kit. The club has launched their logo as follows , 

(Grain Robotics Club Event)



The MAD club is based on Mobile Application development and its motive is to furnish the useful skills and knowledge required for mobile application which can sprung an interest among students and eventually become their career path. With the current scenario application development is one of the crucial industries that will not see a downfall in at least the near future. The club has planned the to conduct the following events for the ongoing semester namely

  • Webinar through Google classroom,
  • Live Demo and interactive session and
  • a contest named Innovify 2k19.

The club has launched their logo as ,

(Appster Club Event)




Upcoming Event Schedule:


CLUB Names



GRAIN Robotics