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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering


The following laboratories are available in the Department.

Electron Devices Laboratory

The Electron Devices Lab is equipped with high end Function Generators, Oscilloscopes and Digital Storage Oscilloscopes. Circuit Simulation Softwares like OrCAD, PSpice are also available in this laboratory.

Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory

The lab also hosts variety of digital IC testers, LCR bridge and digital IC trainer kits.

Microwave & Communication Laboratory

The Microwave & Communication Lab is well equipped with all required equipments like various Microwave benches, antenna trainer kits, Fiber Optic kits, RF Modules etc. Special facilities like The Anechoic Chamber, Optical Time Domain Reflectometer and Spectrum Analyzers are also available.

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

The DSP lab is well equipped with Digital Signal Processor kits, Advanced Digital Signal Processor kits and licensed software including MathCAD, MATLAB and VSIM which helps the students in various designs and simulation projects of the latest trends.


The VLSI lab is setup specifically for VLSI experiments. This lab is highly equipped with Spartan / CPLD / Virtex FPGA kits.

Networks Lab

Network simulation softwares like CYGWIN, NS - 2 simulators and LAN trainer kits are also available.
Class Rooms

The classrooms are equipped with multimedia, LCD projectors and audio-visual equipment to facilitate effective learning.They are designed to promote maximum interaction between the faculty and students.