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Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Industrial Visit to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
The department of EEE, Jerusalem College of Engineering organized a one day Industrial Visit to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (Regional Telecom Training Centre), Maraimalai Nagar for Third year EEE department student on 17th July 2018. It was useful to students to understand different modes of fibers, difference between glass fibers and plastic fibers. Different varieties of optical fibers were shown to students which created an interest among students. Students were also exposed to fault localization and rectification in optical fiber cables between telephone exchanges. In addition to the above mentioned topics students were shown many telecommunication circuits along with brief lectures on Synchronous transport modules level 1 to level 256, Optical Wave Division Multiplexing (OWDM), Multiple Add Drop Multiplexer (MADM) Implementation, Creation of GPON (Gigabit capable Passive Optical Network) The optical fiber session was followed by a session on Global systems for mobile communications (GSM). Students felt the essence of mobile communication through the lecture. They learnt about call processing scenario in GSM. Then the speaker turned his attention towards WiFi and ended the discussion with a comparison between WiMAX and WiFi. Students queries about broadband Modems were answered by BSNL faculty. Then the students were given a brief introduction about configuring high speed switches and routers. This discussion on high speed networks became the final lecture of Industrial visit. After the purpose of industrial visit is satisfied, Students thanked all the BSNL faculty members for spending their precious time with them. Faculty incharges for this visit: Mr.S.Vinod and Ms.K.Harini.