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Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
A Guest lecture by Alumni is arranged on the topic of CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN IT INDUSTRY is given by Mr HARUN RASHEED of Syntel. The following are the highlights of the lecture. 1. IT industry is not all about programming. Only 20% of people work in intense coding projects. Others work in various projects like System maintenance, Application enhancements, Production support, Front end and back-end development which doesnt require much of programming skills. Thus there is no need to hesitate to take career in the IT industry. 2. Students have to learn basics of DBMS system like Oracle DB. 3. Prepare resume and update with IT related skill set like Java technologies, DBMS, Software life cycle process. 4. Students have to develop communication skills. It is advised that students participate in various activities like Symposiums , Group discussions etc. 5. As there is not much requirement in Govt departments and due to heavy competition, students are advised to consider the career in IT seriously as opportunities in core companies are also limited.