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Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
About us
Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering started in the Year 2013 with complete blend of technical subjects involving both Electronics and Instrumentation fields imparting adequate knowledge and expertise. The aim of the department is to produce graduate engineers capable of handling design, construction, and maintenance of modern instrumentation systems. The Department is actively engaged in teaching and research with top-notch laboratories and excellent members of faculty. It is a multi-disciplinary stream and covers subjects from various branches such as chemical, mechanical, electrical, electronics and computers.
H.O.D'S Desk - Dr.V.Jamuna

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is a specialized branch primarily focusing on the principles and operations of measuring instruments used in the design and configuration of automated systems .It is also multi–disciplinary branch focusing on the measurement, control and automation in the fields Viz. the Electrical, Electronics, Manufacturing, Power generation, Process control, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food Processing, Bio-Medical, Bio-Tech etc.

The department endeavors to develop competent Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer with high academic credentials and adapt to the current trends. The graduates of Electronics and Instrumentation engineering will be able to analyze, design, develop and realize solutions to complex engineering problems of their specialization.

Vision of the Department
To enrich professionals of high competency in the area of instrumentation engineering and mould them to adopt the crux of matter in the field of automation with social concerns, ethical standards through excellence in teaching and research.

Mission of the Department
  • To provide strong theoretical foundation complemented with extensive practical training.
  • To enhance core competency, leadership and managerial skills of the students to cater to industrial needs and to engage in research endeavors through lifelong learning.
  • To prepare the students to envisage beyond hypothetical thinking and belong to a new era of acquisition and application of instrumentation technology to meet the requisition of the changing world.
  • To inculcate value-based, socially committed professionalism to the cause of overall development of students and society.

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