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Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

Electric Circuits Laboratory

The Electric circuits Laboratory helps the students to be well familiarized with all types of circuit behaviors and characteristics. In this lab, the student will acquire hands-on experience with electrical circuits. In the Electric Circuits Laboratory students can create their own electrical circuits and do measurements on it.

Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits Laboratory

Linear and Digital Integrated circuits laboratory helps the students to enhance their knowledge about testing and characterizing of circuit behavior with digital and analog integrated circuits. This laboratory aims to teach the students to understand the basic operation of IC 741 along with application of operational amplifier. The laboratory is equipped with operational amplifiers, digital trainer kits for various applications. This laboratory course provides foundation for understanding, analyzing and implementing the linear and digital electronic circuits.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory

Microprocessor and Microcontroller laboratory helps the students to enhance their knowledge about 8085 microprocessor and 8051 microcontroller This laboratory aims to train the students to understand the basic operation of a microprocessor and microcontroller system along with fundamental programming skills in assembly language. This laboratory course provides foundation for designing, analyzing and implementing the engineering problems. The laboratory is equipped with 8085 Microprocessor Trainer Kits ,8051 Microcontroller Trainer Kits and Interfacing kits for various application.

Electronic Devices and Circuits Laboratory

The Electronic Devices and Circuits laboratory is equipped with latest measuring equipments like Digital Multimeter, Ammeter, Voltmeter, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope to conduct various experiments using devices like PN junction diode, Zener diode, BJT, UJT, JFET, Photodiode and Phototransistor. The laboratory facilitates the students to study the device characteristics and also to design filters, oscillators and multivibrator with these devices.

Industrial Instrumentation Laboratory

The Industrial Instrumentation Lab is established with Equipments like Dead weight tester, Vacuum Pressure Gauge for Pressure Calibration, Rota meter and orifice meter for Level and Flow Measurement, Spectrophotometer for analyzing the concentration of liquids, ECG recorder and simulator, Pulse rate Measurement Setup and various transducers to measure parameters like torque, PH, viscosity, Conductivity etc.

Process Control Laboratory

The Process control lab is highly equipped and modernized with different types of controller gadgets like ON/OFF controller, Proportional, Proportional + Integral, Proportional + Derivative, PID Controllers for Temperature, Level, Flow and Pressure Process stations with MATLAB Package for Simulation Analysis. The laboratory is also implemented with advanced Process Stations like pH Control Test Rig, Three tank systems with provision for making them as interacting & non interacting system, Cascade control system, Control valve positioner and AC/DC Drives.

Transducers and Measurement laboratory

The Transducer and Measurement Laboratory have sophisticated, accurate and precise transducers to measure Non electrical quantities like Strain, Load, Displacement, Pressure and Temperature. It is also equipped with Wheatstone bridge, Kelvin’s Double Bridge, Anderson and Schering’s Bridge etc…to measure various passive elements. The Laboratory also facilitates the students to work with photo-electric Tachometer, Hall Effect transducer, Fiber Optic transducer, Photo Diodes and LDR.