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Department of Science and Humanity
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About us
The Department of the First year B.E/ B.Tech programme plays a very prominent and crucial role in any Engineering College. Hence, this Department offers the students the basic sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, and Technical English to enhance their implications in the Engineering applications and present state of affairs.
H.O.D'S Desk (Dr.P.Anuradha)
Dr. P. Anuradha, Professor, Department of Mathematics is the Head and Coordinator of the Department of Mathematics & English. This Department comprises the Mathematics and English faculty members.
Prof. Chitra Ramachandran
Prof. Chitra Ramachandran, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Heads and Coordinates the department of Physics and Chemistry. This Department comprises the Physics & Chemistry faculty members.
Objectives of the Department
  • To provide a strong foundation in basic sciences and communication skills for the students.
  • To provide a caring and nurturing environment.
  • To enhance the moral, intellectual, emotional, physical and aesthetic development of their personality.

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