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The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell is focused to recognize the importance of generation of intellectual property by its faculty members and students. The cell encourages the creativity and innovations of its people which lead to generation of Intellectual Property (IP). The cell is committed to support and guide the students and faculty members in protecting their innovative and creative ideas.

  • To create an awareness about IPR for faculties and students of the Institution.
  • To encourage creative and innovative research among faculty and students leading to the creation of new knowledge, invention and ideas in all disciplines.
  • To assist faculty and students to file patents and train them in patent filing procedures.
  • To coordinate between Inventors, IP consultants, Attorneys and JCE authorities for filing and managing patents.
  • To conduct workshops, seminars and training programs on IPR and patent filing processes.
  • To disseminate knowledge on patents and registration methods in India and abroad.
  • To encourage faculty members and scholars towards patentable works and innovation.
  • To coordinate between Inventors, IP consultants, Attorneys and PEC authorities for filing and managing patents.
  • To educate the faculty on obtaining copyrights for their publications.
  • To provide awareness to the public through IPO RoadShows, IP Street Play and various competitions.

PATENT DETAILS Name of the Applicant Project Title Patent no. Date of filing
  Vanitha.R Geetha.G A device for the classification and Envisaging of Oculocutaneous albinism 202141044913 4/10/21
  1.Dr.R.JEGADEESAN 2.Dr.S.P.MANIKANDAN 3 . Dr.S. KANNAN Smart Tie for monitoring school students to predict from kidnappers 202141001076 09/01/2021
  Dr.V.Jamuna Automated Wearable fall prediction and protection system and methods of inflating airbag Thereof 202141016271 7/4/21
  Dr. Sheeja V Francis Mobile Cloud Computing E-Health Care System for the detection and classification of Malignant Cells in Lung Cancer field of invention : Bio-Medical Engineering 202141005983 12.2.2021
  N.Kanniyappan IOT Based Smart Wearable child and Women’s safety device 20204104915 10/11/20
  Ms.Nivetha.B IoT Based Smart Wearable social Distancing Alert System field of invention : Communication 202041042946 2.10.2020
  Dr. S P Manikandan Smart Scheduling Method for Low Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Network 201941054665 31.12.2019
  Dr. S P Manikandan Secured Data Transmission and Storage Method for Cloud Based Network 201941053462 23.12.2019
  Dr. S P Manikandan Semantic Web Services Composition Using Multilevel Workflow Orchestration and Method Thereof 201941048886 28.11.2019
  Dr.G.Geetha S.SafiaNaveed Diabetes Detection Using Particle Swarm Optimization in Tongue Images. 201741020121 08.06.2017
  Dr.G.Geetha IoT (Internet Of Things) Based Automatic South South Indian Food Maker 201741023741 06.07.2017
  Dr.G.Geetha, Aiswarya M S Descriptive Open Domain Question Answering System Using Deep Learning 201741020224 09.06.2017
  Dr.G.Geetha P.C.Prabhu Kumar Smart Health Monitoring System For Sportsman Using Piezoelectricity With Internet Of Things (IoT) 201741020099 08.06.2017
  Dr.G.Geetha Smart And Secure Internet of Things (IoT) Based Indian Food Maker 201741029813 23.08.2017
  Dr.G.Geetha Smart Vehicle Fuel Level And Fuel Station Identification System 201641007955 08.03.2016
  Dr.G.Geetha A.Naresh Kumar Method And Device For Recognition Of Ancient Language, Symbols And Characters Including Tamil From Images 201641028135 18.08.2016
  Dr.G.Geetha Smart South Indian Automatic Dish Platter 201641010968 30.03.2016

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