Getting Started with Coursera for Campus Webinar

Building a Successful Coursera for Campus Program Webinar

Coursera was founded by Stanford Professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng to give anyone, anywhere access to the world's best education. With Coursera for Campus, collaboration with universities globally is built to prepare the workforce of the future. Coursera for Campus is designed to help any university across the globe to use content on Coursera to deliver job-relevant, multi-disciplinary online learning to its learners. Universities can access to more than 3,800 high - quality courses having cutting - edge content, mapped to the learners' needs to enhance their core curricula, offer credit eligibility and supplemental learning to students.

Features :

  • Coursera Catalog

    - A student has the option to choose a course from a variety of multidisciplinary courses such as

    • Coronavirus

    • Advanced Data Science

    • Improve your English Communication Skills

    • Agile and Product Management

    • Autonomous Vehicles

    • Master of Business Administration

    • Inspiring and Motivating Individuals

    • - Courses include recorded auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, video lectures, and community discussion forums.

  • Launch new learning programs

    - Universities can instantly create new learning programs using Coursera library of over 3,800 high-quality, job-relevant online courses

  • A world class learning experience

    - Engage learners with leading professors, applied projects, and assessments - all available online, offline, and on mobile.

  • Create credit- eligible courses

    - Plagiarism detection tools and custom assessments enable credit-eligible courses that integrate with curriculum of the university.

  • University systems integration

    - Provide a seamless learner experience with Single Sign-On, LMS integrations, and central program administration.

  • Track learner skills mastery

    - Use skills dashboards to assess learner mastery levels and skills development

  • Develop own private content

    - Author private lessons, assessments, and courses for learners

  • Deliver life-long learning to alumni, faculty and staff

    - With Coursera for Campus, universities can increase alumni engagement by serving their learning needs throughout their career.

    - Coursera for Campus enables faculty and staff to rapidly upskill and catch up on emerging areas.

    - Universities can also use the platform to help incoming students be prepared on day one.

  • Certification

    - On successful completion of the course, students have a unique opportunity of getting an International Certification which includes the following:

    • The name of the course

    • The instructor's signature

    • The logo of the partner institution offering the course. Some of the partner institutions include

      1. University of London
      2. ISB
      3. University of Michigan
      4. IBM
      5. Google
    • A verification URL that allows others to check the certificate's authenticity.

    • A statement that Coursera has confirmed the identity of the learner who completed the course.