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Alumni Association of Jerusalem College of Engineering provides a platform that helps Alumni to maintain connection with the college and fellow graduates. It also plays a pivotal role in helping to shape the future of our college, through alumni contribution, to build an engaged and supportive community. The association fosters a spirit of loyalty to promote the general welfare of our organization and supports our institution goal. Jerusalem college of Engineering takes pride in having a friendly and healthy relationship with the Alumni. The Alumni association meets once a year through the Alumni Meet that is earmarked to be held on Last Sunday of January every year to provide the college and alumni with opportunities for a symbiotic relationship.


To mark the successful completion of more than two decades in the field of education, Jerusalem College of Engineering instituted a prestigious “The Distinguished Alumni Award” to be given away every year. The award is bagged by an alumnus in recognition to his/her exemplary voluntary service and prominence in their profession achieved with a demonstrable impact contributing to the pride and growth of the institution.


“Alumni – Mentoring Scheme”: This initiative is an opportunity for current JCE students to be mentored by a professional JCE alumnus working in a chosen field of interest, or related profession. The aim of the scheme is to support the development of student employability through gaining an informed career insight and empowering students to achieve their career aims. It encourages the alumni to provide academic guidance as well as career and personal development advice to the current students.

“Alumni – Adoption Scheme”: In this scheme, Alumni are encouraged to adopt any one of the poor children (with eligible norms) who wish to pursue his/her graduation degree at our college. Identified students will be connected with the Alumni and the academic fees of the students will be paid by the Alumni till his/her graduation. Alumni can also identify the economically poor student with eligible norms from their known contacts and can admit & extend the financial support for him/her at JCE.

“Alumni – Endowment Scheme”: Under this scheme, Alumni are encouraged to offer fund of their choice. The same will be utilized to honor the students with outstanding performance through various awards every year. Alumni are also encouraged to bestow the gadgets/equipment/instruments to support the research atmosphere of the Department/Institution.

“Alumni – Contributions”: This is a forum where Alumni can volunteer themselves to interact with the students through various activities like seminar/workshop/VAC/Guest Lecture etc. Alumni can also support the students towards their placement/internship.

Alumni Association

Alumni Association of Jerusalem College of Engineering provides a platform that helps Alumni maintain connection with the college and fellow graduates.