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Department of Master of Business Administration(MBA)

The Department of Management Studies was established in September 2009. The Department offers areas of specialization such as Marketing, HR and Finance, Operations and Systems. The department was accredited by NAAC in the year 2015. The main theme of the MBA Degree offered by JCE is to equip the managerial perfection theory and real world impeccability. The academic and managerial skills of students are developed by organizing Guest Lectures, Seminars, Conference, Industrial visits, Workshops and Field work. Being one of the (top MBA colleges in Tamil Nadu,) the Department of Management Studies facilitates the budding managers and inculcates the knowledge required for MBA programs by improving analytical and critical problem-solving and decision-making capabilities.


HOD's Desk

Dr.S.Muthumani is a Professor and Head, Department of Management Studies, Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai, India. He has been in the teaching field for about 22 years with Industry exposure of 5 years. Motivating and Talented Educationalist driven to inspire students to pursue academic success. Consistently strive to create a challenging and engaging learning environment for students and research scholars. Exceptional track record of research success with multiple publications. He has published over 25 research papers in SCI Journals and participated in conferences organized by reputed Institutions.

Vision of the Department

Department of Management Studies strives to develop students as competent professionals and successful entrepreneurs with social concerns and strong ethical values to promote multi-disciplinary research and entrepreneurship for nation building.

Mission of the Department

  • To enhance the students as competent professionals through innovative teaching - learning process.
  • To equip the students as successful entrepreneurs with leadership qualities.
  • To build the ethical values among the students to serve for the betterment of Society, Industry and Government.
  • To cater to the industrial needs through multi-disciplinary research.


After Completing the under Graduation one can think to do is MBA (Master of Business Administration) Degree. An MBA is one the most popular Master’s degree programs, with the high demand in the world. It will enhance your skills set to thrive in the respective field one may choose, MBA can lead to the next step in their careers.

In today’s competitive time, individuals are focusing more on starting their own venture, instead of going for a job. MBA helps you in planning as well as optimization of resources in the most efficient and effective manner along with the right technical expertise in Marketing, Finance, HR, Systems and Operations management. Even an Engineer doing technical jobs will put in more effort than someone at the managerial job, but when comes to compensation which will be more in case of a manager than a technician.

MBA also helps an individual develop his/her personality by honing their thought process, fine tuning the communication and strengthening logical ability when applying for their business or management-level positions or promotions.

Getting an MBA degree will boost your confidence. In the corporate world today, companies require their employees not only to be confident and can take the initiative to creative ideas. So MBA degree in hand, students will definitely get the sense of achievements which in turn boost the confidence for good.

Program Highlights

  • In the first year, Foundation courses in management are covered.
  • Electives, core courses are covered in the second year.
  • Dual Specialization can be opted in the second year.
  • Specialization opted can be from Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, System Specialization, logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • On the Job' training through Summer project and Final Project
  • Develop soft skills like leadership, Interpersonal skills and written and oral communication skills.
  • Contemporary Curriculum: Curriculum is reviewed and updated every three years in consultation with Industry leaders, alumni, students and faculty.
  • Enables in developing a global outlook and promotes spirit of Entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurship Activities carried out through ED Cell in association With Young Indian
  • Throwing sparks of Knowledge about functional areas using, Industrial visits, Workshops and other Management activities.
  • Functional Knowledge gained through various club activities with respective Specialization taken by the students. Clubs are HR Club, Finance Club, Marketing Club.
  • Interpersonal Activities and Personality Skill Developed through innovation teaching practices in respective subjects taken by the Faculty
  • Innovative Teaching Methods Practiced in MBA through organizing Quiz games, Case Analysis, Seminar, Presentation, Group Activities, Role play, Queue Cards, Stock Analysis, Group Discussion and Brain Storming Session
  • Guest Lectures can help them to bridge the knowledge gaps in changing industry requirements and a different way of thinking about business.
  • Alumni – Student Interaction will help the students to gain knowledge in real time industry practices and guide the students to face the interviews in their skill area.
  • Use of Online Learning – Google classroom, Quizizz App, Video Lectures through Cisco Webex , Google Meet, Zoom, Skype platform.


  • PEO 1:To have a thorough understanding of the core aspects of the business.
  • PEO 2:To provide the learners with the management tools to identify, analyze and create business opportunities as well as solve business problems.
  • PEO 3:prepare them to have a holistic approach towards management functions.
  • PEO 4:To motivate them for continuous learning.
  • PEO 5:To inspire and make them practice ethical standards in business.


MBA Graduates will be able to:

  • PO1: Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems
  • PO2: Foster Analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making.
  • PO3: Ability to develop Value based Leadership ability.
  • PO4: Ability to understand, analyze and communicate global, economic, legal, and ethical aspects of business.
  • PO5: Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment.
  • PO6: Ability to explore and solve managerial challenges through appropriate research design in dynamic business environment.
  • PO7: Ability to create entrepreneurial opportunities through their competency.

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Master of Business Administration

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