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Coding Club


  • To Organize More coding contests so that every student on campus participates which will be very useful for the student’s placement.
  • To Organize coding competitions during the NCSE Symposium.
  • To conduct workshops on areas of computer science and Engineering.
  • To contribute to open source projects, build websites and applications, participate in competitions, provide technical support to organizations and various clubs on campus and off-campus.


  • To encourage students to study and practice programming in their areas of interest in order to improve their chances of landing a job.
  • To learn how to solve difficulties by considering several needed points of view.
  • To instill in beginners the skills to work independently and collaboratively on assignments.


To acquire the knowledge about coding in the following:

  • Students' programming abilities in their disciplines or areas of interest will be improved.
  • Students will be better placed in the software industry as a result of these club activities.
  • Enable Students to participate in events like Codeathons and Hackathons.
  • Taking on and implementing creative ventures.


The club was founded by the Head of the Department, CSE, and a group of CSE faculty and students who wished to meet with like-minded people and learn more about coding. They are motivated by their desire to learn and their enthusiasm for coding, which has helped the club reach new heights. The Department of CSE would like to have a continuous coding activity among all the students of the department. In this context, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering introduces “CODING CLUB @ CSE-JCE”. All the students of CSE are invited to share their knowledge in coding.

Faculty Coordinators

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Roles & Responsibilities
1. Dr.G.Sasikumar Professor and Head, CSE Chairperson
2. Mr.S.Monesh Assistant Professor, CSE Coordinator
3. Mr.D.Satish Assistant Professor, CSE Coordinator

Student Co-ordinators

S.No Name of the Student Year of Study Roles  & Responsibilities


Gautham GD Third Year President
2. Arul Joshua J Third Year Vice President
3. Sudharsan K Third Year Secretary
4. Dinesh Kumar G First Year Joint Secretary
5. Devi Sravanti Gubbala Third Year Coordinator
6. Ragavi S First year Member
7. Bala Ganesh Second Year Member

Programs Organized

S.No Date Name of the Program Resource Person Details No. of Participants





Awareness Programme on


Mrs.S.Devi Priya,