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Welcome to Jerusalem College of Engineering, an institution renowned for its dedication to shape and groom the engineering students of today into leading professionals, technological |innovators and dynamic entrepreneurs of tomorrow through academic excellence and holistic approach. As the Principal of this esteemed Institution, I am greatly delighted to extend a warm welcome to all the visitors.

Jerusalem College of Engineering envisions to impart quality education and instill ethical and social values through its academic and nonacademic endeavours. Its mission aims to orient students to cutting-edge undergraduate and postgraduate programs in engineering, technology and management and to equip them with proficiency and prowess to become professional or researchers and face challenges of the changing world. Our faculty members are passionate about nurturing students’ imagination and innovation to design or develop and contribute to the world of science and technology. To realise these goals, our Institution offers our students a stimulating learning environment to encourage hands-on experimentation, collaborative projects, and real-world problem-solving with the support of industry partnerships. Capitalizing on the access to resources and opportunities, our students excel in their studies and gain industrial exposure. 

To offer a more holistic and purposeful education to the 2K students, our College strives to identify the interests of the students and help them pursue them whether they are extracurricular activities, club programmes, cultural events or community service initiatives. The experiences they gain, enhance their personal growth by honing communication skills, fostering team spirit, cultivating leadership and developing interpersonal skills considered inevitable for a successful career and a satisfying life. Opportunities are provided to all the students, irrespective of their gender, social, economic and religious backgrounds.  Since everyone is valued and supported alike, we have a sense of feeling that we belong to JCE family. All the stakeholders, including our alumni, attest to our claim. 

Besides our commitment to excellence in academic and nonacademic activities, we are cognizant of the emerging technologies, global issues, and dramatic shift in the world order. Subsequently, our curriculum is continuously updated and new technologies are adopted to meet the growing demands of the industry in the 21st century. Furthermore, all our initiatives and endeavours are personalized or customized to address pressing global challenges and to present our engineering and management students to be accomplished professionals, great leaders, and successful | entrepreneurs in the fields they are placed. With an ethical and social outlook, they are sent to serve the nation and the world at large, just like many of our alumni who hold prestigious positions in government departments and reputed organizations in India and abroad.

Dear fraternity, I feel fortunate to head an Institution which is on the way to emerge as an international institution of excellence through exploration, innovation and transformation. I am sure that the college, with its rich legacy, is the right place to nurture young budding minds and transform them into potential professionals. I invite you to learn what JCE can do for you to realize your dreams and aspirations, or what you can do to shape our students and to make a difference in the world of engineering education.

With warm regards