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Department of EEE is recognized as Research centre from JULY 2006 by Anna University
The following Faculty members are recognized Supervisors

  1. Dr.S.RamaReddy
  2. Dr.S.Nagarajan
  3. Dr.V.Jamuna
  4. Dr.N.Booma
  5. Dr.N.Saritha
28 students have registered for Ph.D out of which 13 students have completed their Ph.D.


Candidates completed Ph.D.

S. No Name of the Scholars Register Number Year of Completion
1 D.Kirubakaran 2006319720 2010
2 V.Jamuna 2006319102 2010
3 P.Usha Rani 2006319118 2011
4 Deepak kumar Nayak 2006419741 2012
5 G.Themozhi 2007399130 2013
6 S.Nagarajan 2006319721 2014
7 C.Umayal 2007399116 2014
8 N.Booma 2011173057 2015
9 J.Gayathri Monica 2011173014 2015
10 G.Rohini 2011173036 2016
11 N.Saritha 1222399727 2017
12 V.Karthikeyan 2011173020 Jul-17
13 A.Jamna 2011173017 Oct-17


Sl.No Name of the Supervisor Name of the Scholar Institutional Address Date of Provisional Registration Full Time / Part time (Internal ) / Part time (External )
1 Dr.S.Rama Reddy J.Brintha Jane Justin Jerusalem college of Engineering, Chennai Jan-13 Part time (Internal )
2 Dr.S.Rama Reddy Sripriya Ranganathan Jerusalem college of Engineering, Chennai Jan-15 Part time (Internal )
3 Dr.S.Rama Reddy T.Siva Jerusalem college of Engineering, Chennai Jan-15 Part time (Internal )
4 Dr.S. Nagarajan S.Lavanya Devi Jerusalem college of Engineering, Chennai Jan-17 Part time (Internal )
5 Dr.S. Nagarajan John De Britto Jeppiar Engineering College Jul-17 Part time (External)
6 Dr.V.Jamuna M.Baskar Pallavan college of Engineering, Kancheepuram Jul-11 Part time (External)
7 Dr.V.Jamuna R.Sivaprasad Sairam Engineering college,Chennai Jul-11 Part time (External)
8 Dr.V.Jamuna S.Sasikala Tagore Engineering College,Chennai Jul-12 Part time (External)
9 Dr.V.Jamuna Rekha Jerusalem College of Engineering Jan-17 Full time
10 Dr.N.Booma Anuja Prasanth Diwan Jerusalem college of Engineering, Chennai Jul-16 Part time (Internal )
11 Dr.N.Booma V.Savitha Jerusalem college of Engineering Jul-16 Part time (Internal )
12 Dr.N.Booma J. Arul Prakash Jerusalem college of Engineering Jul-16 Part time (Internal )
13 Dr.N.Booma Gayathri Devi .R Sai Ram Engineering college, Chennai Jul-16 Part time (External)
14 Dr.N.Booma Madhan Kumar.V Annai Velankanni College of Engineering Jul-17 Part time (External)

Department Contact Info

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Velachery main road,
Narayanapuram, Pallikaranai,
Chennai- 600 100

044-2246 1404/ 0131

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

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